Optional Extras

You can also decide to add optional extras to your Life/Serious Illness Plan for added protection.


Accident Cover:

Accident cover pays up to 50% of your gross weekly wages should you be unable to work due to an accident. This payment kicks after 2 weeks and is payable for as long as you are certified unable to work by a medical professional or for a max of 52 weeks whichever comes first. Not all occupations qualify for this cover and some exclusions apply.

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Broken Bones


Hospital Cover:

Hospital Cover pays you a daily amount for every day you are in Hospital. Once your stay in Hospital exceeds 3 days (72 hours) you qualify for a claim. Most people cover themselves for the cost of a Hospital bed in a public hospital plus loss of income for each day. Hospital Cash payment is paid until you leave Hospital or for a max for 365 whichever comes first. Some exclusions apply.

Your children are also covered for free if you are covered.


Broken Bones:

Broken Bones is a lumpsum payment for certain injuries. For a full list of the injuries covered, please click here


Surgical Cash: 

Surgical Cash is a lumpsum payment for certain surgeries. You need to have Serious Illness Cover to have this benefit.

How much does it Cost?

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Terms and conditions apply plus exclusions. For a full list of conditions and exclusions please refer to the relevant policy conditions.