Tired of getting little or no interest on your savings then look no further, we have a range of savings plans to suit your needs.

Why save?

There are loads of reasons to save money, here is just a few:

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  • House deposit
  • Children’s education
  • Car purchase
  • Holiday of a lifetime


Not only will you receive a return on your money over time, you also save the interest you would have paid on borrowing the money.


Savings v’s Borrowing:

Borrowing €20,000 at a rate of 5% will cost you €377.42 pm which is an additional €2,645.20 in interest repayments. A total cost of €22,645.20

On the other hand, saving €333.30 pm will give you €20,206.88, after tax and charges, with just a 3% interest rate and a cost to you of €19,800.00. A difference between the 2 methods is €3,052.08. That's the price of a very good holiday or a small second hand car.  When you save with an Insurance company, your money is invested in unit-linked funds, Check out this short video on how funds work.


The difference between borrowing and savings is even greater when you look at larger sums of money such as the cost of putting a child through college. Many parents find that they have to borrow or re-mortgage their home just to put one child through college. Check out how much it will cost you to put your child(ren) through college by using the following calculator:

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